By simply integrating SureUp™ as a companion product offered to your appointed agencies, you differentiate yourself while you SureUp™️ America.

Enter the number of appointed agencies you serve currently:


We’re assuming 20% of your appointed agencies initially get appointed with SureUp™.

We’re assuming each appointed agency has 500 commercial lines / benefits clients.

We’ve assumed each of commercial lines / benefits client has fifteen employees.

We’ve assumed that 50% of the commercial lines and benefits clients initially implemented the SureUp™ Engagement Package.

We’ve assumed that the SureUp™ Engagement Premium Package upgrade was implemented with a quarter of those for whom the SureUp™ Engagement Package was implemented.

We’ve excluded the positive impact of any additional business driven to you by these agencies based on the goodwill established by introducing the SureUp™ engagement platform to the agencies.

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